Paperless Office

Building a Paperless Office... Myths, Products and Software Systems

How document management software systems and products can reduce the amount of documents printed from emails and websites, plus reduction of paper transactions via digitized invoice and electronic transactions.

The advent of technology has given us access to vast amounts of information, such as via email and websites. And usually these are printed out, causing our office to be cluttered with vast amounts of paper documents.

Add to this the voluminous amount of paper filed during transactions, such as invoice, delivery receipt, etc.

Paperless Office Solution
What is the solution? Some say the paperless office is a myth, that it would be impossible to reduce paper documents. Others strongly believe in technology solutions such as a document management software and electronic transaction systems as a way to eliminate paper in the office.

Paperless Office Systems
If you truly have the vision for a paperless office in your enterprise, it is achievable using the various types of document management software systems out in the market today. Combine this with changing your business process to accommodate electronic transactions and you are truly on your way to achieving a paperless working environment.

Other tips for reducing paper in the office would be to limit the number of printers or the people who have access rights to print.

Software, Tools and Resources
Below are links to software, systems, tools, and resources to help you get a paperless office solution.

Document Management Guide

Document Management Software
Information center on document management. List of popular electronic document management software, system, and solutions. Tools and products to manage document life cycle.

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