Laserfiche/OmniRIM Partnership Enhances The Records Management Process

LONG BEACH, Calif.—Laserfiche TM will partner with records management software developer OmniRIM Solutions, Inc. to create a comprehensive solution for managing the lifecycle of physical and electronic documents, including e-mail, photographs, and scanned records. As a member of the newly-created Professional Developer Program (PDP), OmniRIM will work to integrate Laserfiche software with its simple interface for finding all records within an organization and managing them from creation to destruction. OmniRIM will receive development tools, testing, training, and consulting services from Laserfiche headquarters.

“Users in a variety of industries are demanding document archival and retrieval capabilities to enhance the value of their existing records management systems,” said Brian LaPointe, Laserfiche director of strategic solutions. “OmniRIM will have a proven, highly sought-after solution.”

Both Laserfiche and OmniRIM place a high premium on working closely with the user to develop a solution to meet their specific needs. Whether a hospital needs to see all instances of a patient record, or a financial services firm must record every viewing of every document for regulatory purposes, each digital records management situation calls for a distinctly-designed process.

“By working to build a lasting relationship with Laserfiche, we are leveraging our focused records management solutions to create a ‘best-of-breed’ approach to solving client problems,” said Ian M. Gordon, president of OmniRIM. “Their DoD 5015.2-STD certification, when added to our records management domain expertise, creates a powerful product for a number of vertical markets.”

The integrated solution will combine the web-based document management features provided by Laserfiche software with OmniRIM’s ability to manage deep records collections spread over multiple locations.

The Laserfiche Professional Developer Program helps deliver integrated digital archival and retrieval solutions to customers while building a relationship with the premier digital records management software provider. Laserfiche creates simple and elegant document management solutions that help organizations run smarter. Laserfiche solutions are used in 21,000 government and business offices worldwide.

OmniRIM Solutions has developed unmatched domain knowledge based on the company’s long time, single minded dedication to the records management area of content management, OmniRIM’s specialized solutions offer more depth and breadth than out of the box “all-in-one” approaches.

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