Achieve Paperless Office in 2005

Achieving a Paperless Office In 2005

With advanced technologies at our fingertips and a more-informed profession ready to take the plunge, many firms have gone paperless with great success. In 2004, Tom Davis, CPA, head of T.C. Davis and Associates in Valdosta, Ga., says the accounting profession is moving a bit more swiftly toward resolving the paperless/less paper conundrum.

“The biggest paperless-enabling factor is the increased number of firms that have or are in the process of increasing their efforts in moving to a paperless environment,” says Davis. “More experience and the increased discussion on this topic has helped move paperless further that the ‘early adopter’ stage. The decline in hardware costs has reduced another barrier to getting into a less paper environment.

Source: By Scott H. Cytron, ABC

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